These conditions shall apply to all orders and contracts for the supply of the goods and if there are any qualifications or variations to these Conditions or any representations made by Dupuis or employees in relation to the goods, then it is important (for the avoidance of doubt) that such variations or representations should be in writing in the space provided in the order document.


1.2       We agree to sell and you agree to purchase the goods at the price stated within this order (which, unless specified otherwise, shall be inclusive of value added tax and any extra costs).

1.3       Special Orders; Goods customized at your request or cut to size, may not be modified, cancelled, returned or refunded.

1.4       Stock orders; items sold from stock or Floor may not be returned or refunded.

1.5       All delivery dates provided for special orders are approximations only.  Actual shipping dates may vary significantly from estimated dates due to such factors as material shortages, unanticipated production delays, shipping/customs delays, and other factors beyond our control.

1.6       Returns or credits are granted on an "exception" basis.  Merchandise should be in original and sellable condition.  In the event of a return, a 45% restocking fee of the purchase price (not inclusive of any value added tax or extra costs) will be assessed for furniture and upholstery.

2.         The deposit represents partial payment for the Goods.  Deposits shall be 50% in proportion to price stated on order (inclusive of value added tax and any extra costs) for reservation of a quotation or custom order. Balance Payment

3.         When the goods are available to deliver, we shall notify requiring payment (any outstanding balance) to be made in full of the price of goods and services stated on order (inclusive of value added tax and any extra costs) Delivery

4.         Although every effort will be made to execute the delivery within the delivery period stated, the delivery period is only an estimate.   May we fail to deliver the Goods within the delivery period (through no fault of our own) due to a cause beyond reasonable control, we will serve notice within a reasonable time of a new estimated delivery period.  If we fail to deliver the goods within the extended period, you shall be entitled to terminate the contract and we shall return any payments received to you in full.

4.2       It is your responsibility that there is adequate access and space to receive and accommodate the goods on delivery.4.1      Delivery of goods shall be made during normal working hours, Monday to Friday to one address only as provided upon scheduled delivery.

4.3       When order has been fulfilled, you will be contacted for the purpose of coordinating a mutually convenient appointment for delivery, which must be within approximately 7 (seven) working days.

4.4       If you are unable, for whatever reason to accept delivery on the confirmed delivery date, we reserve the right to charge $10 each subsequent day thereafter until delivery of the goods has been completed.  However, if you serve notice within 48 hours of the agreed delivery date that you are unable to accept delivery, we will reschedule at no extra charge.

4.5       If you do not or are unable to accept the delivery within 15 days from the original agreed delivery date, Dupuis reserves the right to charge $10 daily storage fee for each subsequent day thereafter until delivery of the goods has been completed.

 4.6       If you do not or are unable to accept full delivery within 60 days of notice, Dupuis shall be entitled to terminate the contract/order and recover damages from you in respect to their loss.

4.7       Be sure to inspect your products for damage immediately upon delivery.  Delivery damage not claimed is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Natural Markings

5.         Goods that are all-natural leather hides and are therefore subject to dye, grain and shade variations and natural markings (including open scars, healed scars from vegetation, insects’ bites, etc).  You acknowledge that the goods may have these markings and the existence of such markings shall not constitute a breach of sale.